Travel Anxiety

I don't leave until Monday for the @BoChildrensBook and already the travel anxiety has popped in to check up on me! It's completely irrational as I'm fine once I'm through security at the airport!


Work in Progress

How's your Tuesday been?! It's felt a little slow drawing wise, but bit of a breakthrough ideas wise, so a meh kinda Tuesday here!


Spring Equinox!

We made it to Spring!! 🌱🌸 Here's Eostre the pagan goddess bouncing in to welcome the equinox today! It's an auspicious time to plant seeds, have a big clear out and look forward to new and exciting projects to come.
I'm definitely excited for what I can work on this spring til the next one! 



Set myself a to do draw list today and ended up drawing something completely different, but have wobbled back on track with some more sketching of what I was meant to be doing



Some days roughing out takes a bit longer than others! I'd done a few woody backgrounds but glad I decided to swap it for a city one, which is obviously gonna be more work when draw it up!


Kid lit 4 climate

Joining in and lending an illo with many other illustrators to support young people striking for urgent climate change on March 15th!
Head over to @kidlit4climate's brilliant Instagram and click the link in the bio for more information and how you can show your support 🌍


Happy St. Davids Day

Happy St.Davids/White Rabbit Day!! Hope you've all had some Welsh cakes already 😋
I vaguely remember seeing a photo of my Mam as a teenager in traditional Welsh dress, so thought I'd do a sketch for March 1st. (My mam is half Welsh on her father's side so spent some of her youth in Penclawwd. Little factoid there for you!)