Illo's for the Courtyard

Keep an eye out for these characters in Hereford! They'll be promoting the Family Day Festival at The Courtyard Theatre


Polka dark period!

So the part time job closes to the public for 4 weeks or so whilst we carry out some maintenance to the building. I lent my "skills" to help. It's glamorous working in theatre!


World Lion Day!

Did a quick doodle for World Lion Day, and started colouring it up. Will have to finish it later as I've a project I really must finish first before I go away on holiday!


Happily Ever After!

Got this illo printed and framed up for my lovely chums wedding which is on the 8th! :D


Illustrators picnic!

Had a lovely time at the Illustrators Picnic and came away with a very inspiring haul! :)