More rough thumbnailing today! This squiggle did make me chuckle (does anyone else laugh to themselves when they're drawing?!)



National Doodle Day entry

I've had the @epilepsyaction #nationaldoodleday pack sat next to me for ages but finally got round to putting pencil to paper! This doodle will be part of an auction 25th September so I'll do another post nearer the time! :)


Band Together

Just sent off a q+a about Band Together! To help me remember some of the process I went through some old sketchbooks. I kinda like these really roughs ones of Duck on his own. Originally he was going to be much more grumpy and hermit like!



Herschel Hedge-Wizard paused as he re-tied his boot, wondering when Summer had ended and Autumn had elbowed its way in already
Hope it's warm and sunny where you are. Getting a bit cheesed off with all this wet weather!


Minstrel and Mermaid

Minstrels popped up again when I should be doing something else! He has a habit of doing that
Here he is with the band, but where's Mermaid?