Anyone can improve at drawing

Have been enjoying seeing peoples #anyonecanimproveatdrawing hastags on twitter, so here's a few of my own!
I left working in my full time fashion and trend prediction job mid 2011 where I was collaging digitally

to start a masters in illustration at Kingston, where having not really drawn for a long time I was producing this to begin with...
to this in 2015! It's been a bit of a journey!


Character ideas...

Working on a new idea. Feline character not based on a real feline whatsoever...


The cold snap

I have spent today trying to come up with new picture book illo ideas hunched over in three layers of kniwear, hot water bottle and a cat for warmth. Not ideal conditions!


Jogging doodle!

After months of being lazy just hauled myself out for a 10 min jog. Oh yeah! Take that lethargy! *Actually jog like I have dinosaur arms*


Samson doodle!

Love Theatre Day!

As you probably know I work part time at Polka Theatre, and its great inspiration for characters, and good drawing practice, so many come through the doors!


A knights horse for little baby Arthur!

Looking a little pin cushiony at the moment whilst the glue dries, but this knights horse is for our friends baby Arthur Charles, hope horse will watch over him in the nursery :)


Colour collective- Rose Quartz

Coloured up the Alana doodle for this weeks colour collective! I've drawn her into a scene but keeping it as a black and white image for now!


Mock turtles new home

Lovely to see the drawing I did of Alexander Wolfe's Mock Turtle from Les Enfants Terribles Alices Adventures Underground, pride of place on the musicians wall! It was my utter favourite part of the show. Go hear the Mock Turtles Lament here. Gorgeous stuff.

Chris Ridell and Elizabeth Laird at Waterstones Piccadilly!

I got to meet the poet laureate briefly last night! I foolishly forgot my copy of Goth Girl to get signed, so asked if he could doodle something in the back of my sketchbook!
He was thrilled to see I carried one on me so he flicked through mine and I his! His is immaculate and perfect as you can imagine. Chris gave me some lovely words of encouragement which I sorely need! :D 
As always these talks are never seemingly long enough and would be marvellous to listen to these great writers talk all evening. 


Big Dragon Draw at the Family Festival for Courtyard Theatre!

I had a wonderful time running a drawing workshop for Herefordshire Family Festival, held by the Courtyard Theatre!
  The entire day was themed as mythical beasts, so in my workshop the children did some silly warm up exercises, then they thought about three descriptive things you would find on a mythical creature, wrote them down onto a slip of paper and put them all in a pot. Then they made paper consequences creatures. They then pulled three pieces of paper out from the pot and with those had to create a brand new mythical creature! As well as an added option to contribute some dragons and other mythical creatures on the wall!
Here are some of my favourites from the day and some pictures taken by the Courtyard Theatre! You can see more pics of the entire day here :D