This was my office Monday afternoon! Caught a bit of Murray's match and all of Tsonga's sat on a very soggy hill! 


Loft finds!

Look at these beautiful frames I forgot I had in my parents loft! Now to fill them!


Reaction doodle!

I've been a few times to watch Punchdrunk's The Drowned Man, and it's by far the best thing I've ever seen. It's a real roller coaster of emotions and as the shows closing next weekend I think I'm gonna make a small strip of how ridiculous I must look following the characters and reacting! :D


Illustrators Fair at House of Illustration!

Popped to the House of Illustration Illustrators fair this Sunday! Bumped into the lovely Rob Barret of Yoillo whilst we were there too :) Caught the end of some CSM graduates animations and I nearly put a bid down in the silent auction there at Illustration House HQ, but I wouldn't have been able to pick it up at half five and I'll never know whose artwork it was as I couldn't read the signature on the print! Wah! Anyway it was
lovely to chat and see a few twitter friends! Here's Hannah Wheeler...

...and Sarah Horne :)

Bagged a bargain priced print too! I've been after this fruity number since my birthday! It always makes me chuckle! :)

And lastly Chris Haughton too! The toy Georges were amazing! Didn't have enough money to buy one!

And as it was a gorgeous Sunday me and Amberin took ourselves off to Southbank BFI bar and then onto the George Inn for the rest of the afternoon!

Hope the fairs a yearly thing, it was really fab. Made me wish I had actually applied for a stand now! Superb to see a mix of established illustrators and upcoming ones too. Well done House of Illustration!


Hunger Games fancy dress!

As Hunger Games is on the tv this evening and one of my fave books, I thought I'd post this pic of me as Katniss from a scifi fancy dress I went to a couple of weekends ago! Heh! :)


@Daily__Doodle book worm

Quick sketchbook doodle for todays topic!

On the allotment...

Only two Squashes top and fourish courgettes. REAL slug problem on the plot! 

Onions nearly ready and again a handful of leeks coming up, cheers slugs!

Just put some beetroots in...

Sweetcorns doing amazingly well though!

And the French Beans have flowers on!

ANOTHER carrier bag of broad beans! And a handful of Strawbs that the slugs haven't got to yet!


In the garden...

My cheap rose from Morrissions last year, has such a glorious neon colour!

wish I could remember what this was called. Has managed to survive the slugs...

The Clematis my Mam bought me in flower as is the Voodoo Lilly

Foxglove from Sainsburys I bought when we moved in flowered this year at last! (moved the pot of lillies off the steps as either the neighbours have knocked a couple of stems off or I've lilly beetles eating away at them :/ ) 
Cascading begonia thanks to Dad...

And a random Campanula started to grow in the kitchen bed which was a brilliant surprise!


Hay Festival part2!

I headed back to Hay Festival for the last weekend to catch the letters event (happy coincidence Benedict Cumberbatch was reading some out *ahem*) Bill Bailey and Firefly Press's event too!
The Letters event was brilliant, all the readers bringing to life the letters compiled in the two books they were taken from "A celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence, inspired by To The Letter by Simon Garfield and Letters of Note by Shaun Usher" Benedict Cumberbatch, Louise Brearly, Ian McEwen and Rob Brydon were among some of the readers. Rob Brydon received a huge cheer, and read out a letter by Richard Burton in the impression he does as seen on The Trip!
 Bill Bailey was fantastic as always Sunday evening, but the day before was Firefly Press's event for The Flying Bedroom and Shoo Rayners Dragon Gold. I took my nephews along who loved it! It was lovely to see how pleased Heather was with the illustrations and show my sketchbook images to the audience!

(awful pics! But trust me thats Heather!) 
Shoo explaining how to draw a Welsh dragon

And as always, time for some drawing and sunshine!

And of course, larking about with Uncle Pedro!