My first attempt at bunting!

It's for Pedro's cousin's wedding a week Friday. Not the best colour scheme, but used up my scraps :o)

Horse sketching for George...

...so he looks slightly more like a horse than a moomin.

Weekend in Elan Valley

We camped up near Aberystwyth after driving through the damns at Elan Valley. Picked the most perfect weekend for it! 


First final image!

I'm sure it'll probably get changed again before the end though, but at least I've one down.


latest rough...

Going to finalize this rough layout as IT'S WORKING A TREAT!


Bat love.

Just been to see a back to back Batman at the Curzon in Wimbledon. Far too giddy about friday... THIS WEEK NEEDS TO HURRY UP!


Working on George...

As he's a grey, I'm seeing what he'd look like dappled.....Doesn't look like George is so sure!



choosing colour still....

Still fannying about with colour *sigh* I'm starting to think I maybe colour blind, I'm finding it so tricky!


still trying things out...

Thought I'd throw this up so I can look back and track my progress. This is super rough, but trying just coloured lines....