still working ideas out!...

I think the crayony brush works best on people....

Unicorn idea...

Just trying some more photoshop ideas out for the book. Not sure if this is working. The backgrounds giving me jip and I can't put my finger on what's not quite right...


Trying out different brushes on the old photoshop

I got in touch with Elsa Chang after coming across her blog http://elsasketch.blogspot.co.uk/ and loving her technique in photoshop, so thought I'd email her and see if she could give me a tip on how to achieve the painterly quality she has. Kindly she replied so I had a dabble this evening! I re-did the gardening princess in one brush. I need to play around still with adding diffrent brushes to one image, but already I can feel how this will improve my circus story :o)

Getting back into the swing of it!...




Final Major Project research finished. Now just need to get through the presentation tomorrow :o/



#2 final image

Thinking of going with this for #2 final image...

But eventually changed it to this!


first draft for unicorn circus final...

First draft, and I think it needs white space. Might mix print and pencil colours to see how that would work.


Twelve Dancing Princesses final image

Ta da!! Final image #1 finished. #2 to do this weekend (unicorn image) and then leaves just the gardening story to do! Huzzah!


Lino printing with nicer inks!

Oil based inks are much better than water based..
Hopefully tomorrow will experiment with textures and colours to make up the background for the balancing unicorn.


For mocks sake...

It's coming along. Hoping to get this finished by Friday. 1 out of 3 finals finished then...