Naval Ball!

Well, my best friend has invited me to a Vienna Ball, at the Royal Britannia Naval College in Dartmouth. The dress code is floor length-5 inches off the floor and shoulders covered at dinner.
As you can imagine, the prospect of having to purchase a ball gown has filled me with glee!
However, the stuff available on the high street is awful! :o(
The only thing that has caught my eye is this dress from John Lewis. It instantly reminded me of the gold Lame dress Marilyn Monroe wore in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'.


Lazy Oaf fox scarf

My obsession with fox stoles continues. Stumbled across this today! It's from last year and now I can't find one anywhere! *curses*!!!


The Princess and the Frog

I went to watch this yesterday (surrounded by small children) but its so lovely!! Proper Disney.


Gothenburg birthdayness

A few pics from my weekend in Gothenburg! Opposite the hotel was a lovely secondhand shop where I brought not the gorgeous green hat, but a grey wooley one for 50p! We spent a lot of time playing cards in a little cute cafe called 'Le petit café' as it was sooo cold out! :o)


I need a 1940s dress!

I'm off to a 'blackout dance' at the tunnels in Bristol at hte end of this month for a good friends birthday, so mission for a dress this month is to find a 1940s one.
Why didn't I think of this whilst in Gothenburg this weekend?!
I'll be posting pics of my birthday weekend away very soon too! :o)
...Asos are selling this Ted Baker silk dress at £98 from £137. So far its in the running. I need to spend a couple of evenings on ebay I think!....