Gotta draw what the brain wants sometimes! Today is winged lions and some odd dragons. (I think the dragons is more than likely GoT related!



So earlier this afternoon I was doodling Rumpelstiltskin in a quiet pub and then looked up and saw how busy it'd got and people were definitely staring at me drawing weird little men...


I've been tinkering away at this, I'm not 100% sure if its right but sometimes you just gotta step away ! I've reworked this from a black and white image I did a while back of Will and Lyra you can see if you swipe right (SO looking forward to the BBC upcoming version)


National Unicorn Day!

Back to the desk after a week off in Italy where I was DEFINITELY there for "work purposes"  here's a warm up sketch of a #pegasus just as I've seen it's #nationalunicornday


Some pics from Bologna!

Here's some pics from my few days in Bologna! I had the best fun with my roomates Fiona Lumbers, Steve Wood and Sam Meredith :) Saw lots of other chums out and about too, always great to catch up with folk! I came away really inspired and ready to crack on with my debut author picture book this year with Magination Press!