Sewing horse patterns for a secret santa!

So I've been working on these two horses to see which one ends up the nicest to give away for a secret santa. Here's how they've come together. Just need to find the right kind of wool for Pegasus's mane and tail, and some more white felt for his wings, took a couple of templates to get them just so! The Dala horse needs more applique adding :)            


Artsite 3 in Hereford!

If you head along to Hereford now til Christmas eve, head to the lovely Church Street opposite the Cathedral and pop into Artsite 3. They're selling crafty bits and pieces, cards and prints from artists all over the county. I'm selling cards and prints there too!! 
Here's some snaps from the open evening :)
Definitely pay a visit it's a real gem of a shop.

(Was brilliant to see people spotting the fab four from a mile off! Heh!)



Birthday Bunny!

It's Pedro's birthday this Sunday so knocked this up quick for a card! 


W.I.P. for bear and duck!

Sketching out the layout for this spread... need to add a little more chaos with some discarded cars and the like!


Pablo and Chico on a rare outing!

Just had some lovely helpful feedback on these two, so drew this as a thanks :)

Working on a colour spread for Bear and Duck and I doodle this below in photoshop! THIS NEVER HAPPENS! It actually looks like what I wanted it! A pure flukey day I think :)
So here's it rough coloured, think I'm going to change it from day to evening which will make for more atmosphere I think :)