Piggy doodles!

Babe the Sheep Pig opens at my work this weekend which I'm rather looking forward too! So I did a few piggy inspired sketches!


Late night doodling

Late night doodling. Fox having a tea break in between being annoying and getting your rubbish everywhere.


Gold- Colour Collective

By the time I decided what I was going to draw I ran out of time to colour it all in! Here's a half finished Gold for colour collective!

Sketchbook doodle

One of many drawing positions today... really got to just sit properly at the desk with the iPad pro!


Visualising the Beatles launch!

At the launch of my chums Rob Thomas and John Pring's book @BeatlesVis and there's live music, (Beatles covers obvs!) And a chap who was in The Quarrymen!


Fed up!

My entire week in one picture! I've had Sinusitis and conjunctivitis all week! Still not any better, it takes 2/3 weeks to clear up! I hate having sinusitis, theres nothing to be done for it and it's SO energy zapping. Really typical bad timing with deadlines looming too :(


New techy tech tech!

I saved up and made the splurge on an ipad pro! Had to go gold and get a batman quote on it! And here's the first doodle on it!