Wedding preparations

I don't think my bunting will be this impressive!


Dartmouth gurgle jug

After my trip this weekend to Dartmouth for my 4th BRNC ball, I treated myself to a gurgle jug, native of Dartmouth. I saw them last time I was here and wasn't able to take it home on the train for fear of smashing it, and as I got a lift home this time I leapt at the chance!
Now I'm watching this Victorian Majolica one on Ebay as it needs a companion and would look super on a mantle piece :o)

Wallis Dresses


Christian Dior Fall/Winter 1949-50 collection


A proper wedding hat!

I can't stop wearing it. A hat that actually fits and looks ace!! I am going to wear it for my Royal Wedding Garden Party, my friends wedding in September and if I go to the races I guess?!
First outfit choice for it will be my Oasis prom dress bought a few years ago. The pink isn't quite the same but it will do! I need to buy cream shoes to match though :o)