Living Is So Easy

Cannot get enough of this track and the Zeus EP.

Bargain Laura Ashley dress

This is winging its way from eBay (£10 for dress and postage!) Will look super for the Blackout Dance Peds and I are attending on Saturday at the Tunnels, Bristol


How clever is my friend Hayley?!

This is a very self indulgent post but look what my mate Hayley Bishop (hairdresser extraordinaré) did with my lank and flat thin hair!!! She asked me to come in for an updo so she can practice, but she really doesn't need it. You can find her at the Toni and Gut salon in Marylebone High Street. (Bond Street nearest tube)


Alexander McQueen-esq

I don't know why, but these heels from Office make me think of McQueens SS10 hoof shoes.
If I could walk in these heels I would snap them right up.


I need a cheaper hobby

(Had to blank out the background in the top pic as my room is in a state of utter chaos!)
I have become addicted to purchasing ball gowns.
Say hello to the latest addition to the family. I need to find some stick on diamonds to add to the tiara and a thin diamond chain to wrap around the garnet and pearl necklace thats coming from America to tie in with the diamond detail on the dress. Twas an absolute bargain, I am in love with Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park. There are just tons of ball gown shops!


Vogue Patterns!!

As I was putting out the last post these came through the door!!! Yay!

marmalade cake

For Pedro's birthday, as its his favourite thing on toast so why not have a birthday cake of it?!


I'm going to get this for the Narnia Xmas ball!!!!!!!! Now just to decide on what matching jewellery to get with it. The lady that makes it said she'd add pearls to anything else to tie in with the tiara. So excited!


Captain Scarlet

Had to use the Mysterons base as part of an illustration today and through my researching I had to put these pics up from the closing credits. Ron Embleton illustrations have stayed in my mind since I was a small child. Love Captain Scarlet.


Top of my Xmas list...

So thats Christmas sorted.

Noodle Foodle

Had lunch out with Gav today round the corner in Noodle Foodle (the best Japanese in Wimbledon) so decided to have green tea with my Yasai Katsu Curry and glad I did. How lovely is the cup?


My end of the year getaway

Bolton Low Houses is where I'm off for Xmas and New Year. I went to Dumfries and Galloway last year and loved driving through the snow covered Lakes so I fancied going there this year. I just want to getaway now!
Cute little apartment eh!?

Islay pics...

I cannot explain in words how beautiful it was here. I could happily live in a little cottage with a cat and while away my time here.
I just love the countryside as you go upwards from the Lakes. I never could have thought anywhere else would have made me feel as at home like the feeling when I'm in Welsh Border hills and mountains.

things and bits and pieces

Have no idea why the font won't behave in the previous post. Ho hum.
Heres some lovely pics of things I've been and done and seen running from top to bottom:
British Sea Power The Grove Wimbledon, The Black Keys Brixton, Guy Fawkes and Emilys birthday, The Sultan cat, my foxes, Richmond, London Waterloo, my brothers ushanka hat I nearly kept but sent it him as on exercise in Canada, Wood and I at Henry J Beans when BSP played Wimbledon Calling (such a lovely chap!) my fox cub, Gibbs Navy cycle from Lands End to London, Richmond on a last day of Summer, flowers from Peds, my Dahliettas, view from the Tate Modern cafe, a handsome Dan Snow at Hay Festival, Lulworth Cove Dorset the day England lost to Germany, me and a fellow Greek mythical creature at Secret Garden Party, American Ben who we took under our wing this summer. Just picture perfect isn't he?

Hi there..

..record new length of time since posting!
Since I last wrote I've been on holiday to Islay, been to a number of British Sea Power gigs, watched the Black Keys, started an evening course at Central St.Martins, started jive classes again, purchased a number of dresses, attended a Beauty and the Beast singalong, probably an evening or two at the Piano Bar, drunk plenty of gin, started playing darts on a regular basis at the Sultan, have been invited to the BRNC Xmas Ball (which is NARNIA THEMED!) have become addicted to Downton Abbey and booked a week in the Lakes for Xmas and New Year. I'm sure theres some other stuff in between too. For now, I'll try and fill this all in with pictures .

First up, today I went to 'the Spirit of Christmas Fair' at Kensington Olympia with my best friend Gibbs as I had been given two free tickets. Look at the BRILLIANT bag I picked up. Love it. Cat bag.