National Dog Day

I'm entirely team cat when it comes to cat or dog, but here's a quick squiggle for national dog day


Going back through my recent sketchbooks...

...as I'm updating my old website (soon to be very new!) and adding newer sketches to the sketchbook section. I DO love me a fairytale prince and princess. One day I'd like to illustrate entire books full of them! :D


Mini getaway to Scotland!

Had a break in Biggar, Scotland for a friends wedding and me and my best friends shared a farmhouse together! It was very idyllic! We also nipped into the village of Douglas, where the ancestor of the Black Douglass's is laid to rest with some others and to look at the ruin of Douglas Castle, and a day to Edinburgh where we took in the castle and me and Pedro The Vaudevillians- Les Enfants Terribles show later that evening!

St. Brides Church, read about the village here!

At #Janton's wedding at Shieldhill Castle, in my Douglass Tartan dress! 



Watching the men's volleyball #Olympics and they're an interesting looking bunch the Russians.


work doodle

Managed to get a quick squiggle of this cutie at work today. She had the biggest ears I've ever seen on a baby!

Reading day

Having to work all day at the part time job when I'd rather be reading all day... *sigh*


Dancing Barn Owl

I had a dream I was talking to owls and we came up with a ballet for them. A peacock pitched up to the meeting and the owls got all uppity as she would clearly outshine them so they told her to go. :D



Here's a quick squiggle of Jigglypuff as I've rediscovered the Pok√©mon first movie soundtrack! SO 90s. So have the Jigglypuff lullaby earworming massively!

At work doodles

The Panda Bears are called Pandy, Bamboo and Bouncy!