Ceiling is back!

We have a ceiling again! Still can't use the bedroom as need to let the plaster dry and is going to be repainted at the end of the week, so no point moving everything back in plus the carpet needs replacing! But at least it's a ceiling! :D
The underneath of upstairs floorboards!

Ta da!


Ashmolean Museum life sketches!

I spent the day in Oxford Friday so popped into the Ashmolean Museum and managed a quick spot of some life drawing! Lots of older men in the museum!


Well helloooo?

Quick sketch this afternoon!

THE SKY* IS FALLING! *actually Victorian plaster falling off!

So our ceiling fell in yesterday!!! 

I'd just taken all the bed sheets off for a wash and polished in there the day before! *rolls eyes*
Luckily I wasn't in the room at the time as that could have very well been the end of me! :/
The builder reckons it's just ancient plaster coming away. So our little flat is filled with Victorian dust currently! 

Eldest Nephew came to stay!

We had Pedro's eldest nephew come to stay a couple of weeks ago which was brilliant fun! We went to London Zoo for inspiration for his story ideas :)
Uncle Pedro came to meet us 'as Ben should see the Lions at Trafalgar Square' which meant that Pedro actually wanted to climb them...

The awesome thing about Ben is that he draws EVERYWHERE. 

Even I managed a doodle at Foyles cafe, and we got doodled by someone else drawing there too! :)


@Daily__Doodle- Catch up Daily Doodle of Elephantom, Girl with pet monster, Small boy big hat and Very bad fairy!

A couple of weeks behind with Daily Doodle, so going to do a couple of group pictures! Here's the ones I've missed from last week. (Small boy in big hat is the rabbit from Robin Hood!) 


London Book Fair!

I've just spent the last three days here at the London Book Fair!
It's been amazing. I've had some super positive feedback and met up with some lovely editors and directors and super illustrators too.
I have to say though, I was miffed LBF got rid of the Illustrators bar this year and put the Children's Hub in its place. The organizers always seem so surprised how packed it gets for illustrative events there!? Is it any wonder?! It's the next best thing if you can't afford Bologna!! Maybe one year they might give a bit more recognition to illustrators, yes it's a rights/sales fair thingy, but they must know Illustrators come too, and en masse! Anyways!
So Firefly Press where at the show!! The books look brilliant, was wonderful to catch up with Penny :) And exciting to have a mockup cover at the fair!

The Artworks Agency had a lovely stand at the fair, lots of beautiful portfolios of their artists and images on the wall.

I completely forgot to document anything else whilst I was there! But I did enjoy myself this year! :D



Meet the Illustrators- Waterstones Piccadilly

Friday evening was spent wonderfully listening to the marvellous Alex T Smith, Nick Sharratt and Chris Haughton. They spoke about their influences and techniques. It's just so enjoyable hearing how an illustrators gets their influences and inspirations from.
 There was quite a twitter crowd too which was lovely! Elli Woollard, lovely to meet her talented daughter too, Amberin HuqAriane Hofmann-Maniyar, Annaliese Stoney, Emma Carlisle, Emma Block and Karl Newson!
Emma Carlisle and Amberin 

And Emma Block and Ariane

More Shrew sketches!

Getting back to Shrew! Going to draw of few of them doing things to show them in action :)