Spring time at Ridley Road.

It's all a little messy but spring is go in the garden. All my tulips are budding up, as are the peonies in the tubs. My pink that I planted last summer finally bloomed and its white! Typical! Hoping the peonies'll help colour the back wall. The persian buttercups are in with the Rose so that'll be amazingly colourful come summer.
Put sweetpeas and poppies into seed trays as well as repotting my dads fuchsia cuttings. And the Amaryllis from Christmas has shot up again. Hoping for a second lot of flowers!

Just leaves sorting out the window boxes out the front and repotting the mini orange tree. Happy sunny saturday.


More Bologna book fair

Gerry Turley, one of the illustration prize winners or nominations, I can't remember exactly what the exhibition was! But his work was wonderful.

Ana Velero Rello

Anyano Imai

Chiara Armellini

Suna Jo

Researching for final project

We have to come up with three ideas to research and choose one to take on as our final project. Mine so far as vague as, unicorns/mythical horses, flowers and ballgowns.
Today was a ballgown kinda day.

Bologna Book Fair

I have been in Bologna for the last few days researching and learning! Met a couple of lovely illustrators who I'll  put up a pic of, and the two books that stood out by miles for me was 'Singing in the Dark' by Caroline Woodward, illustrated BEAUTIFULLY by Julie Morstad and Joelle Jolivet's Zoology.

(not from the book!) 

And Nikko Barber (Who is from Wimbledon of all places!) Love how like me works predominantly on the pooter, but he gets wonderful texture in his illustrations. 

And, in the book shop near the main square, I came upon this book illustrates by Alessandro Baronciani which weirdly looks very similar to the Grimms cover I've just done! Meep!

Well turned out chap at Clapham Junction.


That Hamilton Woman

Watched this film this evening.
I love how they made the dying scene in the film staged as Arthur William Devis' painting.