And so the gardening commences...

...poorly! My window boxes this year aren't doing as well as last, even though I've fed them. May chuck some wild flower seeds on there again.
However, the lilly bulbs my dad gave me over winter are coming up!! Will have to keep a check on the knotweed that's threatening to take over on the right hand side. Hmmmm.

And so the gardening commences.....


Nicer neutrals

Poached from referencelibrary.blogspot.com

The original and best

Have been enjoying the episodes I've caught on CBS Action when my housemates aren't in so I can watch them without being asked to turn over.


April springyness

My updating is become almost a monthly happening. How slack of me!?
Well, the daffs and the grape hyacinths are truly over and the blossoms are out in the trees instead (marks the start of my hayfever :o/ ) but since I last wrote I have fallen in love with the Royal Navy. Based on the masquerade ball I was invited to by my bestest chum.
Also, the Naval College in Dartmouth is just beautiful. You can't help but think you're in a slightly updated version of Hornblower with all the officers around you too!!
I'm very much looking forward to visiting my mate there again, it has a special place in my heart now, and I won't be as unwell as I was that night. How typical to get a stinking cold the day before!

I have also uncovered an amazing pub up the road from us here in Wimmers. It's called the Sultan and its a proper old fashioned pub. Serves lovely Ales, its cheap on a Wednesday and theres darts and cards to be played as well as being roasted by a fire.

And the boyfriend has finally moved to London. Only 4 years to get here!