Oliver Jeffers talk at the Southbank

Last night I went to a talk by Oliver Jeffers hosted by the AOI, where he spoke about his childrens books and his art. It was incredibly interesting and he was very funny! I also got a couple of books signed by him too!
There were also a lot of yoillo faces there too which was brilliant! Me, Amberin, Sarah and Alice met up after and had a little night cap :)

The Flying Bedroom cover-nearly there!

I'm at the I need to step away and look at something else point with the colouring!



Rough book cover colours

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm working on for Firefly Press. Everything happens at night time, so I'm working out a rough colour cover. There's always something very charming about roughs isn't there?


The most talented James Davies :) and a MOST EXCELLENT day trip to Colin West's house!

James Davies is quite ludicrously talented. No sketching out shapes and drawing over it, he just draws it as is, no mistakes. Sickening really! Anyways you can see his request drawings here and he's kindly done one for me and one of me and my lovliest chum Amberin Huq too!

*this is an actual representation of how excited I get by car journeys

So on Saturday myself, James and Amberin drove us down to Colin West's soirĂ©e in Battle Sussex, as he'd invited us and a number of incredibly successful illustrators too, so I felt very much in awe of the talent around me! 
Here we are in Colin's library which was very impressive.

I was lucky enough to see roughs of new books and get my copy of Storm Whale by Benji Davies signed too as well as Mouse and Mouse by Colin also :) 
Just so wonderful meeting the people behind twitter pictures!
Thanks Colin :)

The Spitfires in His Vintage Life Magazine!

The 50s/60s cover band my boyfriend plays in The Spitfires, have been featured in a new offshoot of Vintage Life Magazine! How cool?! You should try and catch them, they play all my fave kinda music :)

Wedding book cover table names!

Something a little different, a personal project for a friends sisters wedding, she wants Jane Austen book covers as her table names! Persuasion is my fave of her books.


Duck doodles!

 Have finally got a story idea for duck and bear, duck wants to be a knight against the odds. Looking forward to storyboarding this further once I've got a deadline out the way for end of the month :)



New picture books!

Popped to Foyles to have a bit of a research day and treated myself to some I've been eyeing up for ages! Got a free tote bag too!


Paper Watch Project

Templar publishers are doing an auction of paper watches to help raise money for breast cancer awareness so I asked if I could get involved, here's my final piece! (It was very tricky to draw on, wished I'd thought to prime it with acrylic first! I can't help feel it looks like my ten year old self coloured it in!) You can find out more here...
Here's the rough sketches I started with, I wanted to do something that flies, you know time flies etc *rolls eyes* 

I decided Pegasus was going to be a bit too big, so went with the wing idea and that's how I came to drawing a parrot!