@Daily__Doodle Jabberwocky!

This weeks Daily Doodles are set by Top That Publishing! Their first one fitted in nicely with the Alice in Wonderland pics I've been working on! The Jabberwocky! (seems to have gone rather neon here though!)


(soggy) Hay Festival!

I was at Hay Festival this Sunday as Pedro had a Bass Workshop on. I'm up again next Saturday and Sunday to see some events this time (namely Benedict Cumberbatch!) and the Flying Bedroom one on Sunday!

These were taken in a rare moment of sunshine in the afternoon! 
and whilst Pedro was setting up for his workshops I headed over to the bookshop and finally picked up a copy of Squishy McFluff which I've been after for ages! And spied Firefly Press's books in there too!


Envelope duck doodle!

Allotment update!

Planted in my courgettes and three squashes and random potatoes appeared top right!

Onions are doing awesome, at the bottom are seedling carrots and leeks, which I don't hold out much hope for to be honest! Might have to grow them on at home first

Broad beans are the best on the whole allotment if you ask me!

French beans at the back, which have been eaten by something, so growing on some more at home to replace them, and again inbetween the sweetcorn, a random potato!

and wee little tomatoes. Again going to grow on another batch at home so they're much bigger then plant them in. All good learning curves!


Off the allotment!

Broad beans are ready! (I think they're horrid, but Pedro likes them!) 
and we had a wonderful double rainbow this afternoon to top off the first picking of veg!


My banana cake over on Book Sniffers blog!

So the wonderful Book Sniffer held a virtual tea party to support the TSA, Tuberous Scelrosis Association as part of her Tea and Scones tour! There was a heated debate over cream/jam first on scones, not to mention raspberry/strawberry jam preference!
 I baked a cake especially for the high tea twittering, my delicious banana cake! (If I say so myself!)
You can see Book Sniffers's post here! 
There were many books flagged up for portraying wonderful cakes and high teas, but I think one of my fave books for cakes etc has to be Brambly Hedge. Here are some scenes from the Spring Story :) 


In the garden...

My 6ft Foxglove!

Persian Buttercups have done really well this year. Actually got two other colours other than orange!
Blackberry in flower! Can't wait to see what the berries will taste like later on


Actual copies of The Flying Bedroom!!! :D

Crappy laptop picture but my copies of The Flying Bedroom arrived today! They look brilliant! And the front is SHINY!! :D What a brilliant project it's been to work on and couldn't have asked for more lovelier ladies than Janet and Penny at Firefly Press, thoroughly enjoyable! :)