Quick doodle of my best friends boy Walter playing on the swings this afternoon...




For the Booktrust campaign!

work in progress!

Finally drew the birds nest I've been putting off for this image. Not relishing the prospect of colouring it in however! Did not think this through! :D



One step forward two steps back

It can be a real struggle at times to stay constantly positive and striding forwards. Occasionally you get a little knocked back when things don't work out how you hoped. But with supportive friends and loved ones cheering you on and a bit of a pity party for yourself, you dredge up that reserve that set you down this bumpy path, and you go about proving them negative feelings wrong. 
Don't let the negative voices in your head take over and win. 
Just keep swimming! 


Drawing things I shouldn't be...

Well I was going to draw up a spread from my story idea, but instead I appear to have sketched Rapunzel. Distracted somewhat!


Struggling to do more than warm up doodles hence the face! Finding it hard to concentrate. Must be the drop in weather to the gloom we have today!


Cats Wedding! (Also my Save the Date!)

At the point where I should walk away and leave it I think! (This will double as my save the date design also! Hooray!)


Game of Thrones!

I am sooo pleased we get to see more Jon Snow! His sad face is the best :)