#3000 chairs

Popping this into the post tomorrow to help raise money for @helprefugeesuk #3000chairs campaign (whipped out the old colouring pencils for it!) We used to have these chairs in the kitchen when I was growing up and seeing them always makes me think of my childhood and how lucky I am to have grown up in peace where I have.
Check out @thebooksniffer @bigpicturebooks for more info, there's still time to donate a doodle. There's an exhibition and an auction at @foylesforbooks 03/09/18 so check their events for more details!



The highlight of 90s fashion was going out out with a feather boa to a YFC disco or getting in underage at your local nightclub



Another essential 90s look (big up @sarahblackwood of Dubstar who I took eye make-up cues from as a teen! I loved her )