Meet the Artist

Thought I'd do a little introduction to my new followers on my social meedjaas! 
This is me. I am a magical period drama princess/heroine, and the rogue/prince etc always dances with me in a spectacular ballroom somewhere! *Sighs*

...IRL I'm mainly at home drawing in my little studio or gardening, head to toe in casual nerd wear, accompanied by my cat Selena. Not quite as glamorous as other me! But I do love a period drama ;)



!!*COMPETITION TIME*!! Selena is reluctant to let you have one of my copies, but tough! I'm giving one away on Twitter and one over on Instagram!  Just head over to my social meedjas to enter. I'll announce the winner on Wednesday 25th at 7pm! Good luck!



Still playing around with this chap. He's in a better mood today, possibly because I've lightened his pencil line a bit

Working up new things

I'm trying to loosen up a little and not be so precious about making something 'finished'. So lifted this little sorry chap out of my sketchbook to colour up instead of re-drawing it for final... whatcha think? Is it working?! >_<


You can buy it here!

So you can only buy this online if you're here in the uk as it's an American publisher!
Head here to grab a copy. If you do, please leave a review or post a picture showing where you're reading it :)

Sneaky peeks

So within the book theres a crest that pops up now and then in the castle, that's what the Douglass one is! :D 

My favourite characters are this baby and the minstrel! I love his beard. 


The Princess and the Cafe on the Moat!

My copies of @sleepingbearpress #ThePrincessandtheCafeontheMoat by @Margielogues are here all the way from America!  I've posted some extra things in my instastory, but I shall spam you all the rest of this week with more! ... Maybe end on a giveaway?!



Spot of sketch booking this evening! Funny how some characters from your head pop up again after a long absence.


Warm up doodle

Warm up doodle! Tried a new local last night and there were a few super, bang on TOOTING MANs in there.


At work doodles

Some at work doodles from the other Friday I was last in. The kid at the bottom rights a little wonky but makes me chuckle

Bologna Childrens Book Fair!

So last week I made it to The Bologna Childrens Book Fair! It was AMAZING!! Lots of fantastic inspiring art to be seen and lots of wonderful friends were there too!

My agents had a mock up of my Pic Book idea on their stand which was great to see! (Hope some publishers liked it!)

I stayed with my faves ladies Sam Meredith and Fiona Lumbers in a cute little apartment :)
We bumped into lots of illustrator and publishing chums... 
The Steves and Karen :D 

Laura Ella Anderson doing her incredible thing!

We also spotted handsome celebs as an extra bonus!

Bologna itself is super pretty. Highly recommend going up the tower if you can! The views were breathtaking!
Here's some snaps of nice things from inside the fair...

Jim Field at Egmont

Louise Forshaw at Miles Kelly

What's really great about Bologna is seeing the huge variety of illustration styles from all over the world. The fair can be quite overwhelming when you consider the amount of illustrators vying for work, but at the same time there are so many publishers across the globe it sort of reassures you that there's probably enough work to go about! (I hope!) :D

I was pretty rubbish at taking lotsa of decent pictures so hopefully if I am able to go next year I'll do a better job of it!

After Bologna my husband came to join me in Florence for a few days, it's absolutely beautiful there! I'd quite fancy making it a bit of a longer holiday next time! :D 

Belated Easter Tidings!

Late Easter wishes from five year old me.