Ultimate dream

Doing a Q&A. One question is 'what's your ultimate dream' This is one of them... I'm sure my OH wouldn't mind if it was for just a short while... (click to see full image!)



I'm incredibly bowled over and still a little in disbelief, but I'm being represented by the amazing Plum Pudding Illustration!! I'm so excited! Waaaah!! >_<

Ballet Kitty Cat

A coloured up doodle of a kitty cat instead of the project I should be working on...


Marianne North

Quick warm up squiggle of Marianne North! Watched a brilliant programme about her last night 'Kews Forgotten Queen' on BBC4. Go watch it! She travelled the world alone, in the 19th Century, painting all the plants and flowers she explored in far flung places. Amazing lady.


Colour Collective - Orange

It's Nell Gwynne! Herefords most infamous lady. King Charlie II's fave gal. And a huge fan of her ripe fruits ;)



I see faces...

Found this guy on the allotment. He thinks he's above being turned into chutney...


World Beard Day

Which is great as I love them!

Stew Magazine!

I heard today that Stew Magazine is to be no more. Me and other contributors that created something for the last issue will never see our images published as it was pulled before going to print sadly. So Tom Gregory, the youngest person to ever swim the English Channel at 11 in 1988, I won't know what your article will have entailed but the illustration for it will be here and on my upcoming new website! 


Finally finished this pic!

Re-jigged this about 3 or 4 times from an earlier drawing! Think she's finished. Hope you all have a ball this weekend!