Work in progress!

now the tricky part of colouring it up!.....And might change the big tree as well.... hmm
Updated! After a hectic week I've finally got back to re working this...



Prop making at The Palace Theatre, Southend!

Helped out with some last minute prop making and helping out at 1912Theatre companies production of The Witches :)

Clara's (director) fantastic mice puppets. Bruno and Boy :)

I found the witches wigs LOTSA fun. Here's my Ariel the little mermaid wannabe face.


New work for The Courtyard Theatre!

Here's some new pics I've been doing for The Courtyard Theatre! There's to be a cut out of Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker for the James and the Giant Peach production in April, and two posters, onc for the Youth Drama Christmas production of Hansel and Gretel and one for the Families Festival in October!


Envelope doodles!

I've been selling some old stock on www.etsy.com/shop/chloeillustrates at half price to shift the last of it so the envelopes get a little shrew to help see the prints off!


new friend doodle

During this mornings show at work today this sweet little boy sat in front of me spent half the show hugging my leg/or or leaning on them and then decided to come and sit next to me and lean his head on my arm! Very cute. I'm always pleasantly surprised at how much kindness children have and want to give, I've had a number of random hugs when ushering, it's very heartwarming and never fails to brighten ones day!


Hansel and Gretel character rough :)

The Day the Music Died

Missing pencils.

So this morning another pencil has left me, run away, disappeared. After venting this on twitter Karl Newson tweeted this! "it's out there somewhere, probably stood under a seat in a bus stop waiting for a ticket to ride :) "
Which started a whole wave of potential adventures they all go on! Natalie Smillie was also saying how all her H's go wondering apart from her B's which got me onto my 6B's which disappear, and how she doesn't use that type---cue doodle depicting the rainbow of a 6B :D 
Love twitter for inspiration!