work in progress

 Always makes me chuckle when your roughs reflect how your feeling. The nasty comparisonitis monster reared its ugly head today. Booo hissss! 

Gonna take some time to check out of social media over the weekend and enjoy the garden, allotment, part time job and friends instead...


life drawing

 Attended the @thegoodshipillo/@yoillo/@theaoi blenddrink&draw on Tuesday. Haven't done any life drawing in an age, but was quite pleased with these quick ones. We drew from what was around us, and these sum up my two life obsessions nicely Face with tears of joy plants and kylo ren Black heartGreen heart



 A couple of sketches for #mermay! MermaidMermanJust to keep my toe in on it Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes


Aura and Percy

 Sketching some best pals today Heart with arrow

(Would love a pegasus as a best pal...just able to fly off to wherever you wanted Rolling on the floor laughing)



 Something's caught their eye out to sea... What could it be?



 Late to the #mermay party, but here's my first overworked offering Face with tears of joy could have tinkered away forever. Don't think I'd ever drawn a #hippocampus for mermay before, so rectified that!


May the 5th be with you

 Here's a sketchy sketch for #MayThe5thBeWithYou day.

Washings a doddle when you're a #sithlord as everything goes through as darks.