My Dads Lillies

They're all nearly in flower, but this one beat them all too it.

Got the gown!

Went down to Uckfield to initially try on a couple of Flirt gowns, which didn't quite cut the mustard (and were way over my budget) but I instantly saw this canary yellow one on the end of the rail and it looked ace on! The colour looks pretty good on me too.
I'm a little disappointed the back isn't more interesting, but I think I'll jazz it up by making a floral tropical strap that comes diagonally across the back to the side of the front. I've also got the option of changing the sash on the gown and definitely will try and get turquoise sandals to go with it.


Maggie Sottero Flirt gowns


updo idea?..

Well it's T-minus two days before I get a curl perm. Not a horrific 70s footballers sort of a perm, but hopefully a nice naturally wavy affair.
Anyway, I did this updo for the Jive night last Friday and think I may try something similar for the ball. Maybe more of a french twist at the back.


The Summer 'Caribbean' Ball!

So it has a theme and I definitely need to get a new dress!! Forget pastels, I'll have to go banana yellow, bright green or vivid purple! Tropical flowers in my hair, new shoes too no doubt and a handbag! *sigh!!* I'm so excited. Especially as my old school chum and I have booked a twin room at the Dart Marina hotel which is a stones throw from the college :o) Skills.
Found my ballgown in this pink though....very safe but tempting!


Sooo my darling bestest in the Navy has invited me to the summer ball in Dartmouth. (Excited yelpy noises follow that sentence)
Do I wear the dress I wore last time, which is NOT a summery colour, but amazingly gorgeous, or get a new one in a 1950s icecreamy pastel colour?!
Also at this point in time, I must shape up as its end of July :o/

I will be listing gowns I've seen and love and which are mostly unattainable like the Dior one here *sigh*


Gladioli connections


Nearly two months since the last post?! Tut tut.
Things have been pretty busy with work though. The boss has taken a step back and myself and Gav are taking on more and more of the directing. Which I'm enjoying, but I'm on the look out for things all the time I've noticed.
I can't just switch off...
Anyways, Gibbs (my best friend in the Navy) thinks she'll be allowed to sell tickets to her chums for the Summer Ball. She best had, as I've eyed up these gowns from the Resort 2011 collection.