Life drawing!

It'd been a very long time since I went life drawing! Here's a couple of squiggles I did :D


Colour Collective- Limpet Shell

A quick sketch of a twitter tweety bird for Limpet Shell. It's always the ones you spend about ten minutes on that prove to be the most popular over the ones you pour hours into!



Wedding cats!

Didn't like the way I drew the groom so much, so you only get to see a little bit!


Bear with me Book at Colin West's!

Had a lovely Saturday with Colin West and other amazing illustrators looking through the beautiful piece of art that is the Bear with me Book! I'm so pleased Colin in the current custodian of this, couldn't think of anyone better to look after this amazing artwork.
Thanks to Jo Byatt for this pic!

This was my favourite spread from the book by Holly Surplice :)


London Book Fair 2016!

A glorious week for Bologna upon Thames! The weather was delightful, there was a man riding a dinosaur and a giant green foot and wonderful twitter chums, met and made new pals and positive feedback from my meetings! A good LBF2016!

The gorgeous Jo Parry and Sam Meredith

And muggins myself!


London Book Fair tomorrow!

Here's me and the Mudwaffler (aka Karl Newson!) as we'll look exactly tomorrow wandering around!