picture book

I *think* I've finished my pic book
Now it's time to double, triple check it with a scrutinising eye. But for now I'm going to order a celebratory takeaway! Here's some of my fave animal band pun album covers from the end pages...



Had a bit of fun making something very rough and scratchy for 
@inktober #ride
I feel quite rebellious for now not going over this and finishing it up for neat! Anyone else find they end up doing that?! 


Art vs Artist

Haven't done one of these #artvsartist in a while! So hello there anyone new here on my blog, and thanks for sticking around anyone not new to my blog! Do head to my social medias and website to see more illos :D



#inktober day 4: Freeze. I wasn't going to share this as I felt it was a bit rubbish, but then thought well hey. It can be hard drawing everyday sometimes and warm up sketches aren't always going to go to plan, and maybe it's worth sharing that. 


RuPauls drag race uk

So excited for RuPauls Uk drag race starting tonight! Condragulations to all the contestants who have made it onto the show! I sell a few Ru Paul cards at Love Art in Tooting Market (which are a bit different from my normal illo things!) why not sashay down&have a look?!


Inktober and Plum Anniversary

Here's a scrappy #inktober (not sure I'll be doing many!) to celebrate that I've been with my agents
@plum_agency for 3 years this weekend just gone!
This year I am working on my own pic book which is super awesome and hope there's many more to come