jam jar snow globes update.

It's like a gift from the nightmare before xmas.


Jam jar snow globes!

Here's the first three pre screwing the lid on with water and glitter! Fingers crossed the uhu sticks :)


Some of my work on other websites!

I've been lucky enough to have two of my christmas pics used on the yo illo! advent calendar (mines door no.8) and on Raygun press!! Just follow the links below :)
http://raygunillustration.blogspot.co.uk (#2 Christmas theme)


Some sketchbook doodles

Thinking of doing some finished ballgown illustrations to go up on my website, so started doodling. Here's some of my ideas...


The Enchanted Forest exhibition at Foyles

I went along to see the beautiful artwork displayed at Foyles before it ends tomorrow. It was super inspiring and I adore the Cinderella illustration by Emmeline Pidgen.  Unfortunately the camera on my phone is rubbish, so doesn't show them to their best!

Three Black Princesses Yelena Bryksenkova

Sleeping Beauty Karolin Schnoor

Hansel and Gretel Emma Block

Snow White Emma Block

Little Red Riding Hood Laura Barrett

The Horse with the Golden Mane Lesley Barmes

The Golden Bird Lesley Barnes

Cinderella Emmeline Pidgen

The Wren and the Bear Emmeline Pidgen


Something a bit different

Having a can't draw day. And equally so messing around on photoshop!