Bat Love.

Bat pic to cheer me up, as William died in Downton Abbey :o(


My vintage black and pale pink one is pretty much ready for the Xmas ball and Gibbs' pass out! Hooray!
And I picked up 2 others in Kingston the other day for £35. You heard right, £35!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naturally, I couldn't pass a gown shop and not buy a ballgown in the sale. The lemon one needs work and some embellishment and maybe dying so it doesn't look like a wedding dress. But I am hugely smug :o) Might add some beading to the red one so it's not so plain, but sort of love how boring it is.

Kingston buddies!

Here are a few bits and pieces I've pinched from the lovely folk on the MA Illustration and Animation's I've started at Kingston. (Which I wonder how I'll finish it with NO FUNDS!)  I will add more when I discover their websites and such!
 As you can see from stuff I'm putting up, they're all super talented (is that enough brown-nosing to make friends!? :o/ )

Soojin Kim

Jacek Rudzki

Nuno Rodrigues

Pinyada Ratanasungk

Amberin Huq

Thereza Rowe

A project...