butterfly bouquet

When/if my boyfriend ever proposes and I have my little wedding ceremony, this is now my bouquet of choice.


batman is the best

Have been going through my Batman The Animated Series dvd and realising I need the next 3 volumes for Christmas....


Rosseau again...

A Parisian chum of mine posted this pic on her facebook and made me think is this where the artist for the Delays 'Faded Seaside Glamour' got their inspiration from?!


water nymphs

Stumbled upon this by *Damascus5 on
www.deviantart.com, which reminded me of J.W. Waterhouse's Hylas and the Nymphs (1896)


Finally got round to watching the second of two Elvis films I brought a few months ago.
King Creole (1958). Even the sceptical boyfriend enjoyed it! I preferred Jailhouse Rock (1957) though, I thought Elvis was meaner as Vince Everett :o)


cheery cheery flowers

Latest blooms to brighten up my mornings!


butterfly clips

Picked these up at the V&A museum on the weekend just gone, they're so pretty!
They had loads of different species to choose from and they look brilliant in your hair, or you could wear them as as brooch on your coat lapel ;)



Jarvis Cocker is the coolest of cool cats.


horsey going ons

Goldfrapps 'Ride a White Horse' from V festival 2005 (www.flickr.com/ChrisYoud)


Beauty and the Beast-THE MUSICAL!

I have just come back from seeing this at the Wimbledon Theatre and it was real life Disney! They have to make an Aladdin musical, Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty musical.


Unicorns and such...

Clash of the Titans. Ray Harryhausen was a genius.

The Last Unicorn

Henri Rousseau, Anthony Browne

Eyvind Earle and Mary Blair

Came across this as well and remembered how amazing Fantasia is! I really loved the part with the pegasus, centaur and unicorns!

Sleeping Beauty has always been my favourite Disney film since I can remember, and its down purely to the sheer gorgeousness and stylised imagery. Its stands apart from any other Disney I think.
The extras on the dvd are fab. Mary Blair and Eyvind Earle are very inspiring.


1950s bathroom suites

I've wanted a pink bathroom suite for what seems forever. It'd be one of the first things I'd sort out if I ever manage to buy a house. I'd probably not go fluff-tastic like Jayne Mansfield, but bloody hell its awesome!