Big Draw at the Arts Depot!

Had a super fun afternoon talking and drawing with folk at Arts Depot yesterday! Thanks for having me!  We did some picture consequences at the end and this one was inspired by #theprincessandthecafeonthe written by @Margielogues!



Here's a rough sketch for day 15 of ! I've used 's prompt Hermione Granger 😍 Hope to finish this off when I've a bit more time spare :)



Went to see The Trench with (who introduced me to the companys work!) at on Wednesday and you should go watch it! It's got particularly scary/brilliant puppets in, which 4 folk a bit wary of puppets makes it a doubling thrilling hour or so! 😳



Day 9 had to be Gollum for prompt! It's a quick warm up using an imported brush called pappa ink on !



Day 8 and using from 's prompt. I used the technical pen on which I did not like at all! 😐



Day 5 of I've used 's prompt! And I've tried the studio ink brush on :)



I've used Spell from 's list for today's lunch time doodle! I've also tried out the ink bleed brush on my app too! (Hopefully will get round to day 2+3 at some point!) Argh just noticed I've put #2 instead of #4!



Here's a quick lunchtime doodle for #inktober! I'm gonna dip in and out and maybe use a few prompt lists as there's lots of good ones out there! I've used @ladykbuzz's for today's one. I might use this month to experiment with the ink brushes on my iPad as I only ever use the one on it!


John Vernon Lord inch drawing a day challenge

Sent all 30 one inch drawings to Illustration HQ today as part of the daily challenge I took part in over September. John Vernon Lord did a drawing one inch in size everyday for a year! I struggled with 30 days! Heh!