I think I drew this for #mermay because I'm missing going on Italian holidays *sigh* Also, imagine all the beautiful glass you'd find as a canal mermaid living in Venice/Murano!


work in progress

Slowly working up an illo, thwarted by what colour to do the background. Will get there eventually. I'm in love with this little romantic minstrel though



Life as a river mermaid is a bit more murky than those sea faring ones



Moody teenage merboy warmup appeared in my sketchbook for #mermay
He's channelling my thoughts about having to go battle in the supermarket later today I think!



Quite liked a little sketch I'd done of a mermaid who looked like she'd been spotted from the shore (it's a risky business lounging on a rock, you're bound to be seen!) so thought I'd colour her up for #mermay



Ten days in to #mermay and I've not really posted anything! Here's some wind down sketching for now


Procreate care pack day 9

Picked day 9 of #procreatecarepack : Favourite childhood possession! For me it was my menagerie of soft toys! In particular Sooty my koala bear hand puppet. I would make him costumes for different eventualities! My other fave toys were Rachel the rabbit, Leme the lemur and Snagglepuss the cat (both hand puppets too!) Not forgetting my little ponies and my Belle Barbie doll I remember fondly 2 name a few! I was a proper Andy from Toy Story. (although I've not been able to give them away
 it'd break my heart! Ha!)