The Jetty Greenwich Peninsula

I went to watch Shunt's The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face last week, and it's billed as a theatre experience, although I'd say it was more art installation. Cleverly constructed from shipping containers, each room is odder than the last! The location The Jetty, was particular grey and moody along the Thames that day, looked great! 


Ice Bucket Doodle!

I was nominated by Karl West for the slight twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Ice Bucket Doodle!

On Sudden Hill- Linda Sarah and Benji Davies

I preordered On Sudden Hill a while back and it's just arrived! I've been pouring over the details, the illustrations are so wonderfully nostalgic in feel, just achingly beautiful. I want to have every page to hang up on my walls!!


The Drowned Man! The Drugstore dance scene :)

I watched an animation by Adam Wells last week http://vimeo.com/103917556 if you've been to see The Drowned Man it'll take you instantly back there! So I was inspired to draw one of my favourite dance scenes, it's Andy and the Drugstore Girl, they do this beautiful, anti gravity defying, intimate dance inside the phone boxes. You can't help but sway along to the music and get swept up in it!