Band Together

Not long now until Band Together could be on your bookshelf!

Will you be giving Duck, Bear, Seagull and Fox a home?!

Head to your fave bookshop or online to pre-order!


Band Together

Two more days left to pre-order!
You'll get to meet Duck who is a solo act. He loves the peace and quiet of his beach side home, and would like some friends, but he's been on his own too long and finds it very overwhelming making new ones. But after helping a stranded band fix their broken down van he gets caught up in the fun playing together. Maybe he could ask them to play with him again? But that niggling overthinking voice gets in the way, why would they want to be friends with him?!
When Seagull gets sick just before the concert will Duck drum up the courage and accept Bear's invitation to join them to help out?!


Band Together

Ducks excited as it's the perfect weather for him today!
And it's less than a week til you can get a copy here in the UK! Still time to pre-order though
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Band Together

Only one more week to pre order Band Together! (Head online to your fave book shop!) Here's a few layouts that didn't make it into the final book. There are many versions of Band Together before it settled into the story it is, so there's quite a few roughs and thumbs that got cut! I thought they'd might like a chance to be seen as they're tucked away in a dark cupboard usually!


Band Together

As the sun sets here in Tooting I thought I'd share a sneak peek at half of one of the pages from Band Together and a couple early roughs of the band!! There's just under a fortnight to pre-order!

(Head online to your fave book shop!) Fox started out as a jazz flutist (possibly as this was easier to draw!) but I eventually came round to the logistics of there having to be a drummer to keep everyone in rhythm, and so Fox happily swapped his flute for drums. I think it suits him better :)


Band Together

It's the perfect day to hit the beach isn't it?! Last bit of summer sun!

Here's a peek at one of the spreads from Band Together which you can pre-order from all good and independent book shops until it's out 30th September in the UK!

Duck loves the solitude of his beach side home but he's been alone so long he's forgotten how easy it can be to make friends and finds it overwhelming! Until a band show up and change this!


Band Together

The endpapers in Band Together are an eclectic collection of some of Ducks favourite bands and artists! All of them started out small, playing in little venues and clubs and many new acts rely on independent venues to be heard and seen.
They're crucial for the music industry. As you can imagine, it's never been tougher for these vital places to survive.
BBC 6 Music is shining a light on them today!
Bermondsey Social Club is particularly dear to me, so do head over to their twitter/Instagram, click on the crowd funding page to help out if you can afford to donate a little. We need to prevent the closure of so many of our little clubs!


Band Together

Band Together is out in America today! 🎉
If you're stateside do let me know if you see it in the wild or if you've given a copy a new home! 🤗


Band Together

I'm excited for you to meet Duck, whose story #BandTogether is about!

He's lived in my sketchbooks since 2013! He's tried out various ideas for a story before now, being a detective, a knight and a lonely fisherman, which eventually led onto him being on his own and a solo act as he plays music by himself.

He's been alone so long he doesn't know how best to make new friends anymore. Until a band show up!...


Band Together

The cover is always a fun part to do, and because the story is about a band and a solo act, I looked to record covers for inspiration.
My editor @ktineenderle was completely on board with the idea and suggested we make the book a cracking 10"x10" so it looked like a record in itself! 😎🎶

I start off with little thumbnails to see what's working, and then I'll size them up and have a play around with some colour ways and eventually it ends up as the final thing!
Can you spot which albums I was looking at in my tiny thumb roughs?!