Work in Progress

Work in progress! Roughing a sample out which has all the perspectives and detailed objects


Fox doodle

Seasonal cold has already set in 😷  feeling proper sorry for myself waaaaaah :(


Admin kinda day

It's an admin kinda day. They're as enjoyable as maths homework sometimes.
Which if you like maths is maybe a good thing!


Night night

Night gang! (Have been watching a lot of space programmes this evening, shame it's too cloudy for stargazing before bed) 


Busy Summer!

So I've been a bit quiet over the summer! Finished a picture book, got married, moved out of our flat in South Wimbledon, went on a six week honeymoon taking in America, Mexico City and British Columbia, came back to my husbands brothers wedding, then temporarily at a friends in Isleworth, just had an offer accepted by a new landlord and so will be moving to Tooting in a couple of weeks!

In the meantime, here's some pictures from three comprehension books published by Oxford University Press this week, it was my first project under Plum Pudding :) They're under the Project X Comprehension Express: Stage 1: Earth and Sky, 'Frankie's Unusual Family, Secret Sister and Dino Dad'