Draw Together!

A wee quick scribble to show my support for @TogetherDraw #drawtogether #pinclusive love over hate, no brainer!

Cat doodling

Wish my cats would bring home the shopping instead of dead rodents and in Lucifers case, foil, plastic rubbish and other cats collars -_-


Colour Collective- Butter

Never thought I'd see in my lifetime the future of the United Kingdom under threat. Feeling adrift and incredibly saddened.


The anxious wait...

Here's a rough I'm working up that sums up the current feeling. I'm incredibly anxious I'll wake up and feel more like I don't belong in my country where so many people think the polar opposite *sigh*


The EU motto. I think it very apt in this bizarre current climate of fear and division. Why isn't there more hope and unity?


The Power of Pictures talk at Foyles

Went to a lovely talk at Foyles this evening with Marion Dechaurs, Jean Jullien, Benji Davies and Oliver Jeffers.
Some conscious and subconscious doodling!


Holiday time in Finland!

I'm in Jyväskylä as Pedro is at a conference at the University. I'm making the most of the quiet by catching up on my Poldark books and being astounded by the bold wildlife here. It's very clean, fresh and green surrounded by lakes. It's very calm.
The light here doesn't really get dark fully until 1am. Everywhere has a sauna, which is great, even in our little air bnb!

SysMus16 conference. I went to watch some of the presentations, and over the week met some wonderful, warm and kind hearted people.

Here's Pedro talking about his research into upper limb rehabilitation for stroke survivors! (As well as a red squirrel I saw that day)

Midnight in Jyväskylä!

We then spent two days in Helsinki which I fell in love with. It's really tiny and I was taken with the buildings, a real mash of east and west and nouveau. Everyone was very friendly and kind. Again, really clean and quiet. It's a huge contrast to sticky, noisy, grubby London!

We spent our second day on Suomenlinna an island off the mainland, and I could have stayed for days. So pretty! (Although I nearly died with hayfever with the amount of rape seed!) It was also Helsinki day and outside the church on the island the Finnish Defence Conscript Band treated crowds to lots of cover songs, they were delightful to watch! (You can see a video on my Instagram!)

And to end the holiday on a lovely note, Helsinki airport had a tiny exhibition on the Moomins. 


Colour Collective- Ivory Black

A very rough, just got in from work, quick get this doodle coloured in before 7.30pm for Colour Collective, Ivory Black!