Christmas Cards!

About time I did something seasonal, so here's my Christmas card offering! If you like it enough you can contact me directly for one or visit my very new Etsy shop!! ----> http://www.etsy.com/shop/chloeillustrates


5 days in Paris!

So I've just been in Paris staying with a friend who lives there as it was Pedro's 30th birthday! We saw Alt J and the Heavy for free!! (well connected darlings!) and spent way too much money on coffee and drink. Paris is one expensive place. It made London look like a cheap old bird. Had a cracking time being walked about by our friend who took us on an abandon railway line that surrounds the whole city, and exploring different areas and sighing over million objects I wanted to buy in the flea market north of the city. Anyhow, here's some pics!
(my permanent facial expression at the price of ALL beverages) 

(The blonde one from Alt J playing his castanets)