Another attempt at home lino printing.

Spring time flowering!

Strawberries are romping away and the sweet peas are coming on nicely. The tulips finally flowered!!


Columbian press

Using this next week for lino printing!! Over the top brilliance. Good work Kingston Uni.


Experiment with styles..

Had a play at lino since I last did it in year 9 at secondary school I think it must've been! Quite like the black one but the coloured one didn't quite work out! (Plus it looks like Mandy Moore :o/ ) Going to go to the print room at uni and do it properly and see if it'll be a way forward for my final project.

Did some paper cutting too, but it was quite time consuming, so may have to think extra hard about it...

Chloe's homemade triple choc cheesecake!



London Book Fair

Not on the scale of Bologna at all for Childrens, but I did discover Robert Gillmor, who is a famous lino printer, and aces. I also caught the end of  Anthony Horowitz having a QandA which was nice.


New Fave Band! Y Niwl.

                                           File next to Two Wounded Birds.

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