Goodbye Blogger!

 I've decided after many years to stop updating my blog. You can find all my illustration updates on Instagram or Twitter or by heading to my website! :D 

Hope to hear from you there! Thanks so much for reading over time, hope you'll find the Twitter and Instagram just as fun! 

Lots of love, Chloe


Sweet Tooth

 Warm up sketch of the wonderful #Gus from @SweetTooth ❤ Deer Absolutely ruddy loved that series!

Who was your fave character?



 Finally got round to finishing my #drawmoor @BeckaMoor prompt sketch from back in March Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes I think the tropical weather we're having helped with the feel of it!


work in progress

 Morning all! Been working on some roughs and finals since I last posted!

This ones made me particularly hungry for breakfast. The brief asked for toast, but Fridays really call for croissants don't you think?


work in progress

 Always makes me chuckle when your roughs reflect how your feeling. The nasty comparisonitis monster reared its ugly head today. Booo hissss! 

Gonna take some time to check out of social media over the weekend and enjoy the garden, allotment, part time job and friends instead...


life drawing

 Attended the @thegoodshipillo/@yoillo/@theaoi blenddrink&draw on Tuesday. Haven't done any life drawing in an age, but was quite pleased with these quick ones. We drew from what was around us, and these sum up my two life obsessions nicely Face with tears of joy plants and kylo ren Black heartGreen heart



 A couple of sketches for #mermay! MermaidMermanJust to keep my toe in on it Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes


Aura and Percy

 Sketching some best pals today Heart with arrow

(Would love a pegasus as a best pal...just able to fly off to wherever you wanted Rolling on the floor laughing)



 Something's caught their eye out to sea... What could it be?



 Late to the #mermay party, but here's my first overworked offering Face with tears of joy could have tinkered away forever. Don't think I'd ever drawn a #hippocampus for mermay before, so rectified that!


May the 5th be with you

 Here's a sketchy sketch for #MayThe5thBeWithYou day.

Washings a doddle when you're a #sithlord as everything goes through as darks.




 Drawing mermaids instead of things I'm meant to be doing


Draw this in your own style

 Coloured up the sketch from yesterday!Unicorn face I love these #drawthisinyourstyle challenges, they're always good fun and @KatyHalford1's characters are too lovely to resist!


Something I pitched for, but just missed out on

 Can finally show some samples for a thing that I missed out on a couple of months back, the author choose another illustrator, but I was really pleased with how this little character turned out! Smiling faceGlowing star


Character sketches

 She's a meanie Collision symbol more roughing characters today! .... Sketching out a character this evening



 WHOOOO! Fisted hand We've made it to the weekend and only a few days until you can have a few pals in your garden Relieved face I think this calls for eating an early Easter egg or ice-cream all weekend gang!


Map sketch

 Have been back in writing/editing mode of late with my chapter book idea and have started roughing out a map where it takes place! Here's a snippet. Making maps is long and calls for intense bursts of concentration it turns out



 Chipping away at this! Given Croc a fox opponent. Becka Moor draw moor prompt


International Women's Day

 Some of my fictional female heroines for #internationalwomensday2021 Smiling face with 3 heartsThese ladies also date me to a specific time ha! But from an early age, She-Ra, Alanna the Lioness, Catwoman and Belle have empowered me in different ways from my childhood all the way through til now Heart suit