Draw this in your own style

Had a go at @timbudgen's #pandarina #drawthisinyourstyle which you should check out! Made Princess Skye a bit older, but kinda like it! Point those toes!



 Here's a sketch for this week’s #DrawMoor prompt 'A grumpy mermaid at an underwater tea party.' Shame no one's turned up for this mermaids tea party!

Quite fancied not doing anything too finished for a change, was a fun thing to do to wind down my evening after ticking off my to do lists!


Finals finished!

I have finished all the drawing and colouring of a project six days early! It's an actual, organisational marvel! Now to go through and amend all the glaring errors and probable continuity things, but still! I'd be off to the pub to celebrate my hard work if I could!


Princess Rey Rey and BB8

Warm down sketch of #rey and #bb8

Missing seeing and hanging out with my friends LOADS and going on a long road trip to see my folks. Roll on spring. Hopefully, it'll be easier and safer then!


Cats Pyjamas

Kittens need to learn to load their pyjama washing early on



It's been quite the week hasn't it? It's not even Sunday yet 


twelfth night

Packed the decs up a bit earlier than usual. I always keep them up til 12th night, but the tree was looking dead and was starting to smell plus it's Monday tomorrow, good day to start the new year properly.The adult in me is very pleased, but the kid in me is sad to see it all come down. Have you still got yours up? Or ditched the decs already?


winter solstice

It's the winter solstice and an auspicious day to gather your mistletoe!



Illo Advent

As if it's December already and #illo_advent! Have had the carols on today, practising the descants and writing lists of the last few gifts I need to get, making sure to add wrapping and cards to it


Folktale week

I've a deadline this week so I might do some of
@folktaleweek next week! Here's a #warmdownsketch for the first prompt #Birth.
 A changeling is a human like creature that is believed to be a fairy child left in place whilst they make off with a human one. A baby that was healthy and happy previously might suddenly become horrible or sickly, was thought to have been swapped, a changeling. There's also tales of the changelings being grotesque and troll like but the mother refuses to see it and cares for the changeling as if it's her own. A bit like a cuckoo chick! If you suspect a changeling and you want the baby back, you need to brew beer in an eggshell. Pop some water and malted barley over a fire and then sprinkle in some dried hops. The changeling should cry out in disbelief "I am old, old very old, but I never saw beer brewed in an eggshell before!" Then your original child should reappear. Handy eh?



I added this into a rough yesterday and it made me laugh to myself so much
 *Tiny voice* Only two ppl on Instagram got it



What's going on here dya reckon? (Think we all knew *that* girl at school!)Some #roughs on my iPad this morning


Lion and the Unicorn

I need your help with ideas on what to put on the scroll the Lion and the Unicorn are reading!




A 'the lights are on but no one's in' domesticated dragon appeared when I should have been drawing something else



Good friends are those that pick pumpkins with you at night time so you won't melt in the daytime



Little sketchy #warmdownsketch of Jack and Billina from the scariest movie ever made #returntooz



This doggo appeared in my sketchbook this evening. He could do with a name don't you think?...


Paula Franco's DTIYS

Had a go at Paula Franco's #dtiys over on Instagram! It's perfect for getting into October inktobering!


Band Together

Not long now until Band Together could be on your bookshelf!

Will you be giving Duck, Bear, Seagull and Fox a home?!

Head to your fave bookshop or online to pre-order!