Mermay 18

Shaded in warm up sketch for my last #mermay! Thanks SO much everyone who has liked my mermay sketches and said such lovely things! 


Mermay 16

Hope it's been nicer where you are, however here's a suitably wet and miserable #mermay to reflect today's weather!


Mermay 15

A well overdue #mermay! It's been an eventful bank holiday what with fracturing my big toe!!


Mermay 14

It's a bit of a rushed, gave up half way through #mermay this evening! I might revisit and sort out her shading and her longer arm another time


Thanks to a shout out from Liontree publishing asking for Sloths it turns out they are are quite fun to draw!


Mermay 13

Another quick bedtime sketch for #mermay. This doodle reflects feeling elated I survived two days of parents visiting without one argument!


Mermay 12

Quick sketch for #mermay which represents current situation after a day of parents visiting!


Mermay 10

Another quick doodle but with a blunt 6b this time! Thought I'd show the original sketch and it cleaned up and shaded digitally afterwards for a change!



Mermay 3

A slightly sad siren for todays Mermay. I did it in black and white too, and I couldn't decide which I liked more so I put them to the vote on twitter and instagram, and people seemed to prefer the colour one! Here's both anyways! :D


Mermay 1

Coloured up warm up sketch for #mermay (I rushed the background as I wanted to get my lunch on!)