Coloured up, think it's finished!

So Baba Yaga has turned into Bella Nonna, I see her as like the wicked witch/evil old lady in a lot of fairy tales! I thought Bella Nonna worked nicely as it sounds like Belladonna which is also known as deadly nightshade, and a play on Bella Nonna which means Beautiful Grandmother! :D


Baba Yaga contd!...

I liked her so much she carried on! :D
Here she is when not being evil
And here checking over Evil commissions 
and cooking up something equally evil! :D 

Sketch Dailies- Baba Yaga!


Snapshots from today!

Here's a character from The Flying Bedroom-Firefly Press out in May!
and here's fox getting out of trouble, it's a story I do one page and then Amberin does the next bit and so on! 


Even more belated birthday book presents!! *lucky old me!*

So I also received these little golden books too!! Frozen illustrated by Grace Lee, Massimiliano Narciso and Andrea Cagol and The Blue Book of Fairy Tales illustrated by Gordon Laite

I also got this little profound book too off my dear friend Amy! It's the third HitRecord book.

And lastly lovely James Davies gave me a copy of Polly and the Pirates and an AWESOME drawing of the Avengers! 

Saturday I was also treated to a slap up brunch by my best friend Cathryn up the Shard! It was insanely brilliant and tasty. The weather kept changing from sunny to stormy, amazing to watch it rolling in :)


Belated birthday present books!!

I got these two fab little golden books in the post today!! How to be a Pirate illustrated by the brilliant Nikki Dyson and Tangled illustrated by the super Victoria Ying.


Disneyland birthdayness!!

I went to Disneyland Paris for my birthday this weekend!! I've been wanting to go my whole life and it lived up to everything I expected! I have SO many photos it's ridiculous! I think I converted Pedro just a little bit :D

There is so much to list that I loved, I don't know where to begin! But Sleeping Beauty waved and spoke to me and Ariel and Anna from Frozen waved at me from the floats in the parade! I literally  became like a starstruck five year old! :D