Happy Hallowe'en!

Heres my effort this year, one carved pumpkin and two pies! Will be dressing up later as an abused raggy doll! :)


first edition famous fives...

Whilst looking through all those posters got me to thinking of a pair of famous five first editions I picked up in Ross Vegas for £1 each!....One day I'll have a published book jacket. Hmm gonna go look at amazing penguin covers next

London transport posters

(www.flickr.com/0N0 www.flickr.com/lipskin)

I really loved the Age of Glamour programmes the BBC rolled out this week, and especially the 'Art Deco Icons' one about the Transport of London headquarters 55 Broadway...
It made me think of an exhibition I saw a while back home in Hereford at the Library as they were showing some transport posters there so I spent most of my afternoon perusing them on the net!



I love having fresh flowers in the house to look at in the mornings, especially now they're getting dark. Even though they're not roses they make me think of the scene from the Sea Hawk (1940) where Cpt Geoffery Thorpe (Errol Flynn) finds Maria (Brenda Marshall) in the rose garden...so romantic! You can just smell the roses and picture the colours.....



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