goth girl sketch

Found this goth gal in my sketchbook looking like she's waiting patiently

The weekends nearly here love, hang in there!


Lyra sketches

Anyone else massively loving the Dark Material adaptation!? I can't wait to see Lyra in the north on the next episode, so did some rough sketches instead of the tasks I should be doing today


Ru Paul cards!

Everyone ready for tonight's UK Drag Race final?! #TeamDivina I've some seasonal Drag Race cards for sale at Love Art in Tooting Market! Pop down to come see those and my other designs :)


Folktale week

#folktaleweek day 5! This is the Mermaid of Marden.
There's a church in the Herefordshire village of Marden and it lost its bell once upon a time thanks to an enthusiastic priest ringing it so hard the rope eventually frayed and it fell into the river and a mermaid made her home in it. She refused to give it back as the priest would wake her up everyday with its loud ringing. The villagers came up with an idea to use rowan tethers to tie 12 ox and yew goads to drive them to pull out the bell. They had to do it all in utter silence. They used hooks to silently locate the bell, rope to tie the hook to the oxen to heave the bell out. They did and they saw the mermaid fast asleep inside. The priest shouted out in excitement waking her up. She went into a fury breaking the rope from the bell and in fell the bell again followed by the mermaid, she retorted how shed have dragged the ox too if it wasn't for the fact they were tethered with rowan and the villagers had yew rods. In 1848 the village pond was cleared in Marden and they found an ancient bell that was used by the Celtic church. Was this the one from the legend? You can see it for yourself in the Hereford Museum. (I drew a more modern bell as it looked nicer for the illo!)


Folktale week

#folktaleweek day 4! I think it's pretty common knowledge, bit just incase make sure when you're out for autumnal walks and you come across a ring of mushrooms, do not go inside them or walk around three times (especially at dawn or dusk or at all hallows eve!) These are fairy rings, and gateways to the otherworld they live in. Once through there's no coming back! So be careful out there on walks!


Folktale week

#folktaleweek day 3! If you find you've things going missing or being messed about in your house it could well be you've a Boggart taken residence. Be sure not to upset them or they can turn nasty. Your best bet in co existing with one is to leave it a glass of milk under your bed. It'll then start leaving out the things you've "misplaced" for you to find again.


Folktale week

Have been tweaking this for a while so throwing it up and walking away!
#folktaleweek day 2! There's a few versions of this folktale, so look it up but in a nutshell in the Brecon Beacons there's a lake called Llyn y Fan Fach. (It's very beautiful up in the Black Mountains, you should go if you've not before)
 Legend has it a young farmer who tended sheep and cattle in the mountains there was daydreaming gazing into the lake and out walks the most beautiful woman ever. Obviously he instantly fell in love and wanted to marry her. (Even though you'd be a bit like, she's clearly supernatural/fairy/elf/goddess etc, bound to be trouble) anyways, they get married under the condition he must never hit her and she would bring him wealth and wisdom. Eventually the story goes on that they have three sons, the farmer becomes ace at haggling at market, his flock and cattle are super healthy etc. He gets complacent with a his good fortune and loses touch with everyone and he gets angry at life. Cue three accidental times he taps his wife and she immediately ups and leaves and heads back to the lake leaving him with the kids. The kids go on to be great physicians and herbalists known as the Physicians of Myddfai.


Folk tale week

It's #folktaleweek! Did you know Corgi's are believed to have been gifted to us from Welsh woodland fairies who used to ride them and have them pull their chariots?! If you look at a corgi you can see the markings on its coat left by fairy saddles and harnesses.To stop a fairy from stealing your corgi for a ride, it's recommended to have a collar with iron to it as it repels fairies.