Business Boom Collective feature


The lovely folk at Business Boom Collective have done a feature on me! I know right?! Why not have a quick read, shan't take you too long :)


All four flowers out!

Isn't it great?!  Second year running with four blooms :)


What's happening so far in the garden

Well my daffs haven't come to anything, but my Hyacinths are out and flowering before them! As are the Muscari and lo and behold a random Snowdrop appeared in one of my pots, not sure how that got there!


Some more Henny Bear and Duck doodles..

Just some quick doodles, thinking up some greeting card ideas with the pair of them on...

Sneak preview of new page from ipad Pablo!

Here's one of the new pages from the ipad version of The One and Only Pablo!
I think all the backgrounds are pretty much all done now, going over the text with an author friend on Wednesday and just need to draw out all the bits that need to 'move' for animating when touched on the screen. But that can wait until later this week. I need a wee break from Pablo for now! As I learnt in the Horizon programme 'The Creative Brain', I need to mind wander for a while :)

Summer seeds!

Here sits 350 potential Sweet Peas (55 from Dad's garden and 35 from a seed packet the rest from last years crop!) a handful of Freesia in an egg carton and two cascading Begonias in half a fizzy pop bottle taking up my kitchen work top until they're big enough to go outside!
I really need a greenhouse


My Amaryllis finally opened!

Isn't it lovely!? It's colouring is apple blossom incase you were wondering :)


Lovely end pages

My Dad loaned me his gardening book bible, and it's been invaluable so far with planting of my new bulbs, and what to buy for a shady garden like mine :)


World Book Day doodle!

Here's a small doodle for world book day. They formed a HUGE part of my growing up and shaped me into what I wanted to do when I grew up! There's nothing better than getting lost and enthralled in a book :D