A day workshopping at The Courtyard!

Delivered a story making workshop at The Courtyard today as part of their Family Festival! The theme was space this year. Once they'd all created a story they got to illustrate it on the glass panels!
I did 6 HOURS of workshops so had a just deserved Rule of Tum burger before heading back to London! 


Nosy Crow Illustrator Salon

So thanks to Lucifer needing stitches and collecting from the vets Monday evening, I missed out on the Nosy Crow Illustrator Salon, but thankfully the lovely folk at Nosy Crow sent me on a signed copy of Refuge :)


Quick doodle

A quick doodle after a day of doing wedding stationary for a client. 😄 ✏

Here I am trying to relax with a nice bowl of porridge for tea (lazy!) after being at the pooter all day, only for it to be ruined by Lucifer whose realised he can reach his stitches and use the edge of the cone to scratch them! ARRRRRGGGGH!!!!


Window drawing

Today's office has me completely out of my comfort zone! You need a steady hand and not used to drawing in an A5 sketchbook! Glad I roughed it out on lining paper before hand!


Work in Progress

On the light box today making separate limbs and faces that will eventually be animated further down the line for a project! 


Autumns really here

Working without the heating on versus with the heating on tense with cold and or relaaaaaxxed


Coloured up a doodle to get me started today as I'll be working on grown up,serious wedding invites for a client rest of the day!


Helen Stephens at Polka Theatre!

Top day at work! Helen Stephens was in to do a book signing and a reading How to Hide a Lion and How to Hide a Lion at School! She did some lovely live drawings of which I asked if I good purloin one! So nice to meet her after following her on instagram and the like, she posts the most gorgeous things.


National Poetry Day

A #NationalPoetryDay warm up squiggle: My unicorn slippers though old, are warm, would be of no use in a snowstorm. #notgreatatpoetry



Work in Progress

Spending all day working out GREENS. >_< So I coloured everything in the picture that's not plants first