Colour Collective! Virdian

Here's this weeks Colour Collective colour Viridian! It's Arya in the cellar of the red keep with the dragon skulls under the Red Keep :D


Dragon skulls

Practising drawing dragon skulls!


Headed out in this blustery weather to have a catch up with the lovely and brilliant Karl Newson at one of my favourite places in London, The National Theatre :)


Burns Night!

Hope you all had a wee dram! I had myself an Octomore 7.02!


Practicing doodling something a bit more energetic than I am right now!


The Revenant!

Saw the Revenant last night! Boy! Thats a whole lot of surviving, revenge, indians, cold and sharp intaking of breath from the audience! I had a very unsettled nights sleep! Here's a quick doodle of Mr.Glass.


Shape Challenge

The wonderful and inspirational Sarah McIntyre set up the Shape Challenge this week. www.jabberworks.co.uk/virtual-studio It's a good way to get the juices flowing. I chipped in with todays shape which looks like a relaxed mouse chinchilla!

Inspector Reid warm up doodle!

You can tell I've not had enough tea yet, look at those wonky lapels!



Nosy Crow illustrator salon!

I had a very enjoyable time at the Nosy Crow illustrator salon. This second instalment was held by no other than Axel Scheffler, who was wildly entertaining with his dry sense of humour. The evening was not long enough! It was brilliant to hear how he feels he's not a writer, and that its ok for in todays climate I constantly feel under pressure to be a fantastic writer as well as an illustrator. We also got to see some of his older work and sketchbook art.


David Bowie :(

So saddened to hear this morning that seemingly immortal David Bowie has died. He is a part of my Christmas tradition as he introduces the Snowman, which I have to watch every year or it's not really Christmas.

Frozen cycling!

When you get in from cycling and you're too frozen to move!


The Lorax and Chris Riddell

Saw The Lorax at The Old Vic yesterday and it was superb! I couldn't take my eyes off him, the puppeteering was amazing. Such a gorgeous production. And then afterwards we had a talk upstairs with the brilliant Chris Ridell where he delighted us with some live drawing and talked about the upside of social media. I also finally got my copy of Goth Girl signed too!


Post Christmas findings...

Found this in my pocket from a game of Balderdash played with my OH's family. It includes unipig and sexy cats...


Tor Freeman framed at last!

Finally framed my print screen printed by Tor Freeman for New Years Day. It's hanging in good company with Benji Davies and Chris Riddell :D