Banana Loaf WITH gooey caramel inside!

It's proper nommy. As vouched for by Dorian the chef as mentioned in another post! Now I know plopping caramel in the middle works, I can use tons more next time! :D



So a while back me and Peds had our bikes pinched :( and as I came off my old bike as it was quite nippy, I've been after something a bit more pootely and I bought this today off Gumtree! Huzzah!


freebie geraniums off freecycle!

Off a chap that lives round the corner! Brilliant!

Garden Update!

The Sweetpeas are finally flowering and the Strawberries are starting to ripen :)


Wimbledon Village Fair!

Spent my Saturday afternoon on the Common and had a lovely time looking through all the stalls and looking at all the horsies and Wimbledonians have awesome dogs, so many I couldn't take pictures quick enough!

Then me and my lovely chum Hatty got a little carried away with the 10p machines...

...we refrained from the rides! But popped into the pet shop on the way home to look at the BUNNIES!



Garden Update!

Things are flowering!

Pleased with this rose! It was £2 from Morrisons! 

My Dads french beans, only put them in a week ago! 


new website updates!

(need to add one more to these two...here's the rough rough!)

NEW LOVELY PENCIL! *probably dullest post thus far*

Having put up with stubby pencils for so long I splashed out on a new utensil! 
It's nothing fancy but it's lovely to draw with and very comfy to hold! :D



Might have to relook at my tones, all seem quite similar...Hmmm!

squirrel and falling frog doodle!

How to tell your story so the world listens, by Bobette Buster

I've just finished this book and it's really opened my eyes on how to tell/write my stories better. There are even helpful exercises at the back. I luckily saw her talk at Hay Festival this year, and if you can see her at an event or talk DO! :)


Work in Progress!...Sorry bunny.

He's VERY sorry.

Bunny doodles

I've always found bunnies quite tricky to draw, so I'm having a go!

Cheerio Lionel!

Lionel's moved back in with Rosy! Will miss having the little grumpy handsome face around in Wimmers.
 But Pooey definitely needs a friend to have for company I think, so I'm working on Pedro's brother who owns Pooey's Mam and Auntie and her son, Sampson (Pooeys cousin!) and they're always hissing at him, whereas him and Pooey get on like best pals when she goes back, so fingers crossed!! :D
Lionel and Rosykins :)


Website back up!

Everything's back to normal! Phew :) Website back up and running!

Temporary web address!

You can find my website here at cargocollective.com/chloeillustrates for now until I find the log in details for my domain name that I set up yonks and yonks ago! *technology fail*



A quick two minute doodle in the garden this afternoon :)

Garden Update!

Mam and Dad sent up some plants for the new bed we dug out. I've got some Pentsemon, Veronica, Aquilegia, Montbretia, Colchium, Douglasii Phlox, Dogtooth Violets a Voodoo Lilly and two tomato plants for Pedro!

Hanging baskets filling out a bit...

The lillies are budding up still...

The strawberries are coming on nicely!

As is my quince, I really hope it flowers this year...

The two tomato plants and...

...just look at the size of those blooms!! :D


Popped down to my old uni town of Southampton to visit a chum for the day before she heads off to Malawi for a month!
Had the sweetest chai latte ever at the Art House Cafe...
...had a quick peek at some graduate stuff by Solent uni...
...and a little exhibition at the library by Christina Young...
...Had a quick peek at the last Rhino for Marwell Zoo inside the shopping centre!...

And had a wander down by the quay. The next day Kate Middleton christened the cruise ship Royal Princess behind as her last solo royal engagement before she has her baby!
...had a stroll round the Polygon where I used to live, here's the Titanic memorial...
...and finished the day off with gelato! I went salted caramel and ferro rocher! mmm mm :)