Thinking of where George would live!....

Just drawing up various locations. Need to think what the town and the circus would look like now....

Half way/beginning point on the town.... (based on Church Street in Hereford!)


An evening at Wimbledon.

Only queued for less than 30 mins, saw a womens single I forget at court 18 and then Jamie Lee Hampton against Daniela Hutchova in court 3. That was a good game, but now the young Hampton faces the british Heather Watson next!
Cycled up which was a good idea, so quick to get up to the tennis and home again, just in time to watch the sky go pink.



Totally forgot I had none left so having to make some up for tomorrows AOI childrens publishing day! Waah! Soooo professional Chloe...

Doggy doodles

Stephen Middleton Animator (Kingston BA)

Just been round the Animation Illustration final degree show, and this stood out a million miles. (Nothing to do with the fact I'm working on a circus story or anything...)


Rough page layout for final project

So we have to rush to get some final images done by end of the month to get put in a book that acts as our exhibition. *sigh* wasn't planning on getting any done this early as I need time to finalize how they will all look like still!! Bah.
Obviously George's blanket maybe should be another colour, the bale of straw should change also?...But still a work in progress, as the whole image is far from finished.


How does magic shoot from a unicorns horn?

I'm trying to find out...

Happy Jubilee!

As the Queen cam on for the concert this evening she sported (I'm guessing the same cape) as seen in the famous Cecil Beaton shot of 1968. Also pictured is my Union Jack sponge for a house party at my best friends for the Boat Pageant.

(pre icing setting hence the picks scaffolding the fruit on)

Happy Jubilee Ma'am!