Courtyard meeting!

Popped back to the Shire to have a lovely meeting with David and Curtis at the Courtyard, have a really fun couple of projects lined up, one which includes a drawing workshop!! :D I also was well chuffed to see James and the Giant Peach printed onto a mini!!


In April I open my bill...

The Cuckoo
In April I open my bill,
In May I sing night and day,
In June I change my tune,
In July it's time to fly,
In August away I must.

Gecko Missing Unplugged

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Gecko Theatre's Missing performed unplugged at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. I'd seen the show at Battersea Arts Centre before unfortunately the fire that gutted part of the building and destroyed all of Gecko's props.
 The response to get both companies back on their feet has been incredible. Gecko invited people to come watch their rehearsals in the ballroom at Southbank Centre, as they had to re choreograph some parts as the original show used travelators to move across the stage.  So I went along to watch the process and construction and do some doodling! Such a joy to see some of my favourite scenes from the show isolated.

Work doodles!


As I previously blogged I've been working on a app for small humans with Goldsmiths University. I took the liberty to name the bear Giles after our super talented and lovely accompanist at choir!

Quick invitation design

Whipped up a quick invite today for a client. Here it is minus the text and logo :)
(its come out a little grey here but its actually quite bright)


Here's the illustration I did for The Courtyards James and the Giant Peach in the Mail on Sundays Easter events pull out!
You can also have a go at being Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker whilst you're there! Look! Hashtag it #feelingpeachy :D


The Allotment. Season 2. It begins...

Over the winter the plot turned to grass, so I've spent today edging the new beds in.

So I now have one long one, two mediums and a little bed which I'll use for seedlings and fillers like radishes, lettuces etc. I'd quite like to make it a raised bed.


conductor bear!

Another project rough for an app collaboration with Goldsmiths Univeristy!


World Book Day!

I thought I'd share some books and authors I adore that aren't necessarily picture book ones! I love historical novels, and the majority of my fave ones are!
Just a few from my book shelves!
I feel I need to list. So here goes!
  • Philippa Gregory. (Nearly all of them!) My fave is the Queens Fool and Earthly Joys.
  • C.J.Sansom- Shardlake series. Shardlake is the most integral, honest, loveable, handsome, intelligent characters ever.
  • Thomas Hardy. Just genius. Take a week of after to mourn reading any of his books.
  • Jane Austen. In particular Persuasion. Forget Mr. Darcy, its all about Captain Wentworth.
  • Margaret Mitchell. Gone With the Wind. Take a couple of days off, you'll not put it down. EPIC.
  • Tolkien-The Hobbit, in my opinion trumps all. I read this as a 10 year old as my first big book, and was transported.
  • Suzannah Dunn. In particular The Queens Sorrow. Raphael is to die for.
  • Tracey Chevalier- The Last Runaway, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Burning Bright, The Lady and the Unicorn, all gorgeous escapism.
  • Sarah Dunant- In the Company of the Courtesan, Sacred Hearts. Italian historicals, divine!
  • Rose Tremain-Merivel books. He's so unlikable you love him. The Colour also is fab.
  • Louisa Young- My Dear I Wanted to Tell You. The characters never leave you. SO pleased to see theres a sequel!
  • Alexander McCall Smith- No1 Ladies and the Scotland Yard and Sunday P.Clubs
  • Tamora Pierce- All the Alannas Circle of Magics etc!
  • Suzanne Collins- Hunger Games. Shame about the last book, but it's flipping brilliant the trilogy